The Birth Stones


Birthstone - Gems that symbolize the month of birth on the Gregorian calendar and are given as a gift when they are set in a piece of jewelry.

Each month has two stones (cheap and expensive)

Feel free to get to know the stones and their properties.


Rose quartz: 

Rose quartz - the stone of love. Pink stone.  Cleans emotional burns while developing love

                  And self-esteem. Gives self-confidence. Strengthens the heart.


An Bordeaux color Able to inspire, get creative and motivate. Relieves difficult moods

Good for lower back pain ..

Strengthens self-confidence and softens criticism. Strengthens adherence to purpose and adherence to keeping commitments to the self and others. Soothing nightmares. Strengthens the nerves along the spine and may relieve back and neck pain.



Black onyx:

 One of the stones of the Kohen Gadol, which is known as the "Shoham". A common stone from which many ornaments and amulets are often made. In Mayan culture, the Aztecs were considered a sacred stone that brought the light.

 Its energy is strong. It can be used after a deep and unconventional experience, and it helps to return to routine while preserving the experience. Sometimes it will push aside the difficulty in order to function. It strengthens centralization, dims feelings of sorrow, and can be used during periods when it is necessary to function in a practical manner, as in times of mourning. It helps to alleviate grief and strengthen self-control.

She's drowning. Her grounding work is done in a strong and blunt way, a sort of anchor shot. It is especially suitable for people who lack the ground to interfere with their daily lives



A soothing stone that calms the mind. In its grip, especially when attached to the forehead, it slows down the speed of the brain waves to the frequency at which relaxation and meditation are possible. Helps to move relatively easily to a state of sleep so it helps those who have difficulty falling asleep and soothes anger.

 Great for use in situations of excessive fatigue and exhaustion. Great for relieving stress, helping insomnia and those suffering from chronic nightmares.


soothes pains resulting from toxic bites. Great for soothing nervous headaches, especially those caused by excessive chatter of the brain. May alleviate a migraine, but not necessarily eliminate it.


Blood stone(helyitrope):

Its name derives from the red spots reminiscent of blood. In Europe it is also called "heliotrope", a Greek word meaning: "rotating the sun"

: Suitable for both excess and lack of energy states. It can be used during a physical and emotional balancing process to allow the physical body to contain large amounts of light energy. Encourages vitality and vitality, increases the natural love for life and the motivation to do positive things. Contributes to creativity: Increases a person's creative ability and encourages him to use his skills to help others as well.


balances the energetic bodies and the flow of energy throughout the system. Allows for maximum balance in a period of significant life changes. It is good for practitioners in the various healing professions, and it is good to put a block of it on the shelf in treatment rooms. Soothes hard feelings resulting from life changes.


Can give "first aid" in situations of stress and anxiety. Soothes the mind and thus strengthens concentration and allows for inner calm and patience. It is good to carry or meditate with her when important decisions need to be made or during periods of stress and pressure.


Cleanses the blood and strengthens the organs that purify it: kidneys, liver and spleen. Energetically balances the bladder and intestines. It can be placed over these organs if there is congestion or blockage in them. Good for cancer, especially for patients with leukemia, balances blood circulation (not instead of medication or any other treatment). Excellent for hemorrhoids. It is good for women to carry it during menopause, a period characterized by a significant hormonal imbalance





A grooved stone along its length. The color ranges from light blue to clear green. The word "aqua" means "water". The word "marin" means "my days", which is associated with the sea. Has always been considered a stone suitable for those engaged in water or sea:


Excellent for holding or carrying during a difficult emotional period or during a crisis. When used consciously it is excellent to wear as a jewel. It can be called a "stone of courage" because it increases daring.

Strengthens the ability to take a deep look at emotions and reactions during an emotional storm, and yet do not break balance and connect to myself. It is especially appropriate for those who, during turbulent emotional states, find it difficult to manage properly, can allow them to see and understand what is happening to them, to behave in an unbeatable manner and ultimately to grow out of the





 is the colorless transparent quartz stone.

It is mainly a reinforcing stone with a clear and high energy. As a white / colorless stone, it frequents all the lengths of the frequencies and resonates with all the colors and chakras. A wonderful companion to spiritual development in all its stages, stimulant generally strengthens the energy of the physical body. Connects the physical dimension to the thought and gives purity to thought and emotion. Gives support and reinforcement when suffering from emotional instability or being excessively affected by external energies. Great for meditation. It can be used to enhance the action of crystals placed on the body in the array and there are special arrays of quartz stones that strengthen, focus and soothe. May also positively affect animals and plants.


Change in the appearance of the stone while using it: One of the most amazing features of meeting it is that sometimes over time, there is a change in the internal condition of the stone, mists may appear and disappear. This phenomenon most often occurs in personal generators (personal stone what crystals use). There are many interpretations of a phenomenon that may result from reflecting the process of the person using it.


 An ancient stone that crystallizes in nature in all the colors of the rainbow, but is common and known mainly in its transparent and colorless version. The colorless transparent diamond stone is traded completely separately from the rest of the gems in terms of mining, trade and polishing. This is one of the most precious gems. Her great publicity began in the early twentieth century, when she became fashionable after being given an extraordinary publicity promotion that made her a big star. It is currently the most purchased of the precious gems. Many legends and stories have been told about it throughout history, mentioned in the Bible as one of the stones of the breastplate.


It is a stone of contrasts: its frequency simultaneously transmits power, tenderness and refinement. Symbolizes marital loyalty, and loyalty in love in general.

Strengthens the intellect and originality. Great for people who invent new things. Strengthens the natural innocence that exists from childhood. An abundance stone that has the ability to increase in its holder the ability to attract material and emotional wealth into his life.

 Helps establish feelings of trust in other people, including strengthening a relationship, preferably not giving it to overly sensitive people. Yes will suit very strong people who are perceived in rigid positions when it comes to relationships. It has the ability to resonate messages strongly, and is therefore considered the most common stone in engagement rings, as symbolizing the power of marital commitment.

Encourages the balance of metabolism in the body, strengthens detoxification processes.




Description and appearance: Belongs to the quartz family. The color is green in different shades: from a deep bottle shade to a bright glow. Sometimes it has a turquoise or bluish sheen.

Its energy is subtle, it is in the power of "deep penetrating still water". Balances male and female (yin and yang). Soothes transitions between arrogance and feelings of inferiority. Helps a person better contain himself and others.

Helps personal development by pointing out potential for the future. It is good to hold in your hand while sleeping and seek guidance through dreams. Wonderful to work on “inner child” issues. Gives encouragement when the heart is damaged and broken as a result of injury, abandonment, difficult parting, etc. Its frequencies bring qualities of kindness and compassion. Encourages the user to walk with his truth no matter where you lead him. Notebook for internal forces that will help with various struggles.

It has a yellow / golden frequency that is not always conspicuous (this connects to the literal meaning of its name: golden leek). This frequency brings the mental dimension. Strengthens abundance and at the same time memory and wisdom and increases patience. In difficult times gives a sedative that encourages the ability to think of possible solutions to the situation.

 Strengthens the physical heart. Relieves rheumatic pain and encourages better absorption of vitamin C. Helps to fall asleep. A cooling stone that can lower the temperature of the physical body in cases of heat, over-excitement and outbursts.



Appearance and general information: The color is green, ranging from light to dark, sometimes in a bottle-green hue and sometimes in a yellowish hue. Belongs to the "Brill" family. Its name means "green", originally from the Persian language. One of the stones of the breastplate, the "emerald" identified with the tribe of Levi. It is considered one of the oldest stones, and is without a doubt one of the most precious of the gems. The first mention of it is from the period of ancient Egypt about 3500 years ago.

Strengthens relationships. Stimulates the heart and connects the person to the frequencies of love and compassion. Brings harmony to relationships while calming stormy emotions. Common as a wedding gift or as a piece of jewelry that the couple gives to each other. Supports the preservation of the relationship even after many years of being together.

Strengthens mental abilities, helps to connect to high thinking and understanding the logic of the universe. Increases the capacity for empathy and encourages loyalty. Strengthens memory and helps in decision making. Strengthens motivation and courage to walk with the heart, no matter what obstacles may stand in the way. May bring relief to patients with severe psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia and paranoia.

Physical aspect: Encourages detoxification. Cleanses and strengthens internal organs used to cleanse the blood (liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys). Can be placed on tired eyes. May help (as an adjunctive treatment) for diabetics.





Appearance: The color is pearl white with a white sheen, containing shades of cream, gray and orange-brown.

 In India it is considered a sacred stone.


Its energy is soft, delicate and harmonious, it symbolizes femininity, cycles, birth and calmness. Strengthens romance and couple connection. In many cultures it is considered a stone of intimacy and is often given as a jewel or amulet as a wedding gift. The mirror effect helps to reflect what a normal mirror cannot reflect: the most refined inner self of man. Good for those away from home and protects migrants from dangers. In shades of brown and orange its use tends to be more "earthy".

Strengthens the feminine side in men and women alike. Balances harsh emotional responses and increases peace of mind. Balances hormonal levels, and is excellent for any issue related to hormones: it can be given to teenagers who experience emotional outbursts caused by the hormonal imbalance typical of this age and is also recommended for women during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

Strengthens hope and aspirations and is good for new beginnings and periods of significant changes in life. Great for therapists and healers of all kinds. Helps strengthen self-esteem.

As with the emotional aspect, so with the physical aspect, it is good for all cases of hormonal imbalance whether it is overcoming age, menopause or any other issue in this context, especially recommended for carrying during pregnancy throughout. May relieve nausea in early pregnancy, balance breathing and can relieve asthma sufferers. Its energy gives the physical body resilience, and its ability to encourage the renewal properties of the skin and hair. Soothes insect bites directly from the bite.

Pearl: is made of an organic material secreted by a shellfish that lives in an oyster when a foreign grain (sand, etc.) penetrates into it. The material envelops and covers the sand grain and forms an opaque and hard lump, usually round. Its use is most often worn as a piece of jewelry. The pearls set in the jewel are polished and look like perfect balls or elongated round shapes.


The process of its creation is the process of the formation of something spectacular and beautiful from a grain of sand to a pearl perfect in its beauty. This is the myth of something simple emerging and growing to be a beautiful and noble thing (like the Cinderella story or the ugly duckling). It may symbolize to everyone the inner potential and the possibility of realizing it. The purity it imparts opens channels for connection, spiritual guidance and walking in the path of personal growth and development.

Her energy increases purity, innocence and trust. It is a symbol of honesty and attracts people who have this quality inherent in them or have the potential to do so and the gem will help them connect with it.

Purifies the mind and increases the capacity for acceptance and self-esteem. Strengthens the connection to the inner qualities and helps to understand which qualities are missing and which ones should be improved. Rude or noisy people who carry or wear pearls will be able to see the imbalance in their conduct, it is a kind of mirror that allows a person to see himself and how he is perceived by others in a refined and supportive way. Helps get criticism for self-improvement.

Relieves various swellings, generally balances indigestion and gallbladder. Improves the function of the female gynecological system. It is good to wear or hold pearls during childbirth, hard menstruation or hot flashes. Brings physical and mental relief.



 A type of semi-transparent orange-red agate. It is an ancient stone that is often mentioned in ancient cultures. It is known that in ancient Persia they were often used as a seal stone and as an amulet.

It symbolizes female power and energy. Known as: "The Stone of Joy", because its energy creates joy of life and cheerfulness. It connects to the beauty of physical energy.

Thanks to her ability to bring joy she is able to balance turbulent feelings of anger and hatred and dispel jealousy. Gives extra energy to slow people. Strengthens motivation in general.

Helps to focus on the present. Improves concentration. In the process of meditation can help a person aim for higher goals. Great for people who stand in front of an audience, especially those whose artistic performance, such as: actors, singers, dancers, but also lecturers and teachers of all kinds, will strengthen their expressive and theatrical ability.


Increases blood cleansing and purifies the reproductive system. Balances menstrual disorders and slow digestion. Encourages the body to reach its ideal weight: if the body needs extra there will be weight gain, and if there is excess there will be weight loss. Quickly and effectively dissolves tension in the neck, shoulder blades or back resulting from tight muscles, for this purpose it must be attached to the painful place. Its gentle and warm energy penetrates the occupied place and releases it slowly and gently. Strengthens the physical body and contributes to improved endurance, and is therefore suitable for athletes, dancers, farmers and porters.


The color is red in shades ranging from pink to purple. One of the most expensive gems available: when it is of high quality it may cost more than a quality diamond. One of the stones of the breastplate, represents the tribe of Reuben. Mentioned in the Bible as "ruby".


Symbolizes nobility and elitism. Helps release blockages, prejudices and fears. Helps to stimulate and strengthen intuition, helps the user to express himself more clearly and improve positions in confrontations and arguments, helps to be more refined and considerate and less rude. An abundance stone that helps to connect to the natural human ability to live in well-being and wealth.

Helps release initial fears. Helps to see the personal truth. Great when working on emotional issues related to the habitat.

Physical aspect: Activates and physically stimulates. Strengthens vigor and vitality. Strengthens and revitalizes the physical body and is recommended for those suffering from weakness or fatigue. It is not recommended for people who are aggressive in nature. It can be used during irregular menstruation even if it is too strong, of course it is important to be attentive because it will not always fit in this case. Some women connect to her energy (especially wearing it as a jewel) during pregnancy. The recommendation to use it during pregnancy is not unequivocal and it is important that the pregnant woman be attentive to herself and see if the stone benefits her, since during pregnancy her intensity can sometimes cause discomfort. Excellent for the energy imbalance in menopause. May significantly alleviate the heat wave phenomenon.




Green Aventurine:

The stone is considered the "lucky stone" and the "paracetamol of the crystals"

Green stone from the quartz family.

Its name is derived from the Italian term "per-adventura" which means: "by chance".

Aventurine can be found all over the world.

Fine stone with non-penetrating energy. Relieves pain of all kinds, both physical and emotional. For the relief of physical pain can be placed directly on the painful place. Represents the healing color green in nature and vegetation.



Soothes and softens negative emotions. Helps increase openness and acceptance without fear of harm. Along with being soothing it stimulates and adventures, balances yin and yang and strengthens the self-healing ability of the human system. Great for business people living in an atmosphere of stress. Relieves depression, especially if created for emotional reasons.

Due to its ability to bring immediate relief to physical pain in any area of ​​the body is called the "paracetamol" of the crystals.


 The color is green in yellow, sometimes olive green and sometimes deeper green in bottle color. Also called olivine or green chrysolite. The origin of the name Peridote is probably in the English word Peridote which means "point of light". The origin of the name "Olivin" from the word Olive (olive in English), a hint of color. A very old stone that was known in the time of ancient Egypt but was forgotten for many years and returned to consciousness from the beginning of the 20th century.


 Stimulates positive feelings of hope and optimism. Strengthens interpersonal relationships and helps a person feel empathy and warmth towards himself and others, excellent in situations of rivalry between two people. Strengthens self-worth and softens fears, anger, jealousy and various negative emotions. Helps a person examine his thinking patterns and the way he conducts himself and see if they serve him.


Relieves various gastrointestinal symptoms caused by stress, mainly helps with gastric ulcer, relieves pain and encourages healing of the ulcer. Balances the physical lungs and the hormonal glandular system. Good for the birth process, relieves cramps and helps the mother to relax.


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