Maintenance & Care Of Your Jewelry

We never think about our jewelry maintenance the moment  we first wear that stunning new piece. Whatever the item, it was probably shining – just like a new piece should. As a fact, no matter how well made a piece of jewelry is, it will start to degrade over time. Paying attention to jewelry maintenance will reward you with jewelry that last's and  looks as good as it did the first time you wore it.

 Here are tips for jewelry maintenance:

   *Clean your rings, bracelets or necklaces regularly with a cleaning cloth.                     If you cant buy, you may take a soft toothbrush after a soak in warm                         water and a little dish soap  and rub gently. Then Dry on a paper-towel.

   *Please Don't clean the house wearing your jewelry, Detergents especially.

   *Please Don’t wear your rings to the gym. Sweat makes them dirty and they               could get caught on gym equipment.

   *It is best you remove your rings prior to handling Heavy pressure work.                        It may deform your jewelry and cause some serious damage.

   *Before you hit the ocean, or the pool, store your jewelry safely. the water and              chlorine chemicals can tarnish the metal.


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