• Bracelets Size Guide

    Bracelets Size Guide

  • Maintenance & Care Of Your Jewelry

    Maintenance & Care Of Your Jewelry

    We never think about our jewelry maintenance the moment  we first wear that stunning new piece. Whatever the item, it was probably shining – just like a new piece should. As a fact, no matter how well made a piece of jewelry is, it will start to degrade over time. Paying attention to jewelry maintenance will reward you with jewelry that last's and  looks as good as...
  • Necklaces Length Guide

    Necklaces Length Guide

    For your convenience: A guide to measuring the length of necklaces.Please choose between a guide in inches or centimeters.   Inches Guide:           Centimeters Guide:
  • The Birth Stones

    The Birth Stones

      Birthstone - Gems that symbolize the month of birth on the Gregorian calendar and are given as a gift when they are set in a piece of jewelry. Each month has two stones (cheap and expensive) Feel free to get to know the stones and their properties.     Rose quartz:  Rose quartz - the stone of love. Pink stone.  Cleans emotional burns...
  • The Love For Gemstones

    The Love For Gemstones

    The love for gemstones: I really like to feel stones in general and gems in particular. At different times I am attracted to other stones. There is nothing like accessing a bowl of gems in different textures, colors, and shapes, submitting your hand, and devoting yourself to the natural choice of one of them. Then read about the features of that stone - and...
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