Jewelry by TM – where the love of nature & passion for jewelry come together

Hi, I'm Tami Motiv, a passionate jewelry creator, reveling in the joy and pride my work brings. Raised in a creative home, I always found solace in the beauty of nature, which later became my career for 25 years. I then transitioned to a journey of self-discovery through jewelry making.

Having been inseparable with my best friend and husband since 16, we now live happily in Bethlehem of Galilee, Israel, with our two sets of twin boys. Despite being recognized as gifted at a young age, I only recently identified my ADHD symptoms, which seemed to dissipate when I immersed myself in my craft.

The spark ignited when I crafted a jewelry piece for a friend. Leaving my secure career, I pursued a goldsmith course, followed by photography, leading me to design and create an array of nature-inspired jewelry pieces, using varied shapes, materials, textures, sizes, and colors.

To me, gemstones radiate a captivating energy that influences their environment, often drawing individuals who need that specific energy. My ultimate goal is to bring joy and satisfaction to my clients, imagining their smiles as they unbox my carefully wrapped creations.

Through "Jewelry by TM", I've been able to touch lives globally, bringing me immense joy. I aspire to inspire you, to ignite your courage to listen to your heart, and make changes when the time is right. I firmly believe that when you're passionate about what you're good at, the sky is the limit. Join me on this journey.
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