Jewelry by TM – where the love of nature & passion for jewelry come together

My name is Tami Motiv. My passion for jewelry creation was always there and I am living this dream for a few years now. I love seeing the face of someone that sees or wears my jewelry. It always fills me with joy and pride.
I grew up in a very artistic home with a super talented ceramic artist mother and a leading architect father. I have 3 sisters, all followed their passion to be artist, while I found my purpose in my love of nature very early in life. After a 25 years long very successful career, managing my own company, teaching and educating children about the amazing world of animals and nature, in a very special and intimate way, I decided to make a change.

My husband is my best friend, we got together at the age of 16, and never separated since. We are happily living in Bethlehem of Galilee, Israel, with our lovely children: two sets of twin boys. Due to Bethlehem of Galilee's proximity to Nazareth, some historians believe that it is the Bethlehem where Jesus was born.

I was recognized as gifted as early as 7 years old, but ADHD symptoms, which were there all the time, were acknowledged only recently. Ideas were jumping back and forth in my head, and I had difficulties staying in one place or concentrating for a long time. It all stopped when I took a break and set down at my always-nearby jewelry table, and created something new, letting go of all the thousands of creative ideas popping in my head constantly. I could stay there forever, doing what I love and makes me feel good.
I remember the day when the spark was lit. I was searching for jewelry as a gift for a friend when I realized that I should take it to the next level and make it by myself. And so I did.

I decided to take the leap, let go of my former and secure career, and took a goldsmith course, followed by a professional photographing one. I started designing and creating a wide range of jewelry, most of them inspired by my first love, nature and the environment, using all kinds of shapes, materials, textures, sizes and colors.

Gemstones are magical to me. I love them with all my heart. I really feel their energy influence their surroundings. I am drawn to gems as they have an important role in nature's beauty. I can always notice when an individual, in need of the energy of a specific gem, chooses the right gem.

I want to make men and women happy, to help them have joy and satisfaction. To make them smile each morning as they wear my beautiful jewelry.
That is why I take care of each jewelry piece I make, as if it is the only one. I wrap it up with care, as beautiful as possible, imagining the smile of the lucky one who opens the box.

Since I created "Jewelry by TM" I touch people from all over the world with my jewelry.
It fills me with joy and satisfaction. I want to be able to give you some of it back, inspire you as men and women, who have lots of strengths and capabilities, and boost you with the courage to listen to your heart and soul, make the change when the time is right.

I truly believe that when you do something you are good at and you have a passion for, the sky is the limit. You are welcome to join me on my journey.

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